Sao Paulo to Johannesburg


394 Sao Paulo – Guarulhos – Madrid flight I was a bit groggy at first. Fried up some eggs. There was a good atmosphere in the place. I bought travel insurance to cover Africa & booked a


Downtown São Paulo


393  Sao Paulo  I went out for a long day around the sites, all the free stuff. São Bento Monasterio, Casa de Imagem, Edificio Martinelli which had excellent views over the city, the cathedral, Praça do Republica


Modigliani at MASP


Amadeo Modigliani 1884 Livorno – 1920, Paris Renee       Outside the gallery there were demonstrations against the price of public transport, which had risen again recently. There were as many cops in cars as demonstrators. When I got back there


MASP São Paulo


I went back to MASP. It was being rearranged, so not everything was on show. I was moved by the Bosch ‘Temptation of St Anthony’, as I had been in 2001, and there were five by Modigliani,