YetionTour 2017

Back on the road, this time starting in the Philippines, finally I arrived at Alona beach on Panglao Island off Bohol after three days travel, first by car to Colchester, then National Express bus, overnight at a Kings Cross hostel for the first Piccadilly line tube, flights via Bahrain to Bangkok spending the day there and connecting for Cebu-Mactan via Manila, local bus to Cebu City and jeepney to the ferry port, where I caught a fast boat to Tagbilaran City then another car ride from a friendly Filipino and eventually rolled into town hanging off the back of another jeepney bus hoping to meet friends from home on New Year’s Eve and begin a fourteen week trip around Southeast Asia that should take in Vietnam and Cambodia with two weeks in Thailand at the end.

Only this time I’ve left a new girlfriend behind, which made leaving quite hard as well as giving a different mindset for the road. We met less than four months ago and have fallen in love in a big way. A new kind of travel for me with a determination to stay faithful and a February fortnight to look forward to when she will be flying to meet me in Ho Chi Minh City, six long weeks away.

I was hardly in the best shape arriving at the cheapest place in town, Alona hammocks, where faultless Renee checked me into a dorm spot with free breakfast and water for four pounds a night or 300 Philippine pesos. It’s not a palace but very sociable and soon I was chatting with friendly hippy types from five different countries over an ice cold beer then unsticking my UK winter jeans and fleece from a tired body to shower off the long journey, replacing them with shorts and slob tee shirt more suited to the intense heat and humidity. By then my friends from home had found me and were soon showing me around the town. They’d been here for a few days already after starting their month away in Borocay and continuing via Cebu.

Returning to Alona hammocks I found Renee and helpers working hard on a New Years buffet, which was free and beautifully laid out on banana leaves. It was a massive feast at which fifteen of us stood talking and eating, a great introduction to the Philippines and a decent start to the celebrations.


New Years Eve at Alona Hammocks

New Years Eve spread at Alona Hammocks, Panglao, Philippines. A few minutes later they added five or six fish.

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