Museu Afro Brasil

the afternoon I went to the Museu Afro-Brasil, with an excellent collection
which was a great way to link the end of my Latino adventure with the next one
in Africa. My last photo was of a map of Africa. I decided next time in Brasil
I would look at the north.

 Elza Soares

at the hostel over more bread and mortadela I drank a beer talking to three cool
Australians from Melbourne. Eventually I split a bottle of Cachaça with one of
them. The two friendly Brazilians I’d been talking to in the morning came back
from a business meeting with big smiles as they’d closed the deal to sell an
app they’d been developing. We went to another hostel and played pool. The
Aussies left with three girls but we saw them later. I broke the bottle just
putting it down so half the cachaça was wasted: lucky it only cost Rs6.

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