Mlilwane Park

6 Mlilwane Park
    In slept in quite late but made
it out by about 12 with a plan to get to MlilwaneWildlife Park. I took a
minibus shared taxi then started to walk down the track but a pickup came and
gave me a ride all the way to the camp, about 7km. I started to walk around,
seeing antelope, zebra, turtles, birds, warthogs, wildebeest and so on. On the
way back I got a ride off a Lithuanian girl all the way to Gables Shopping
where I bought wors, bread and wine then back to our place to barbecue it. It
was fairly quiet as one or two of the others had gone out to a party. I spent a
while chatting to a Swiss couple who worked a place on the coast in Mozambique.
The wine ran out but Dolores passed me a box that had been left here and only
half finished so I did that then crashed.
7 Mlilwane Park Return
         I was up early and spoke
again to David, the Texas retired guy who’d live with his wife all over the
world: Myanmar, India, Nigeria. Saudi Arabia, while teaching English and sports.
He said that if they were going in the car to the park again later, I could
jump in for the ride. Eventually we left around 1. He was great at spotting the
animals and I saw far more than the day before on my own. In fact we made a
list of what we saw: zebra, waterbuck, warthog, impala, springbok, nyala, blue
wildebeest, Hartebeest, roan antelope, crocodile, tortoise, turtles, white
fronted bee eater birds, suni, sacred ibis, kudu, grey heron, pallid harrier,
white egret, blissbok, cormorants and masked weavers. They live near Kruger and
said if I was up that way later in the trip then I could stay at their place.
It looks a far better option than taking a tour there which runs about $350 for
four days. 

They dropped me at the supermarket where I bought wors again but was fairly horrified that the liquor section was shut, so there would be no wine. I got back and eventually took a small beer then a savanna cider. I started talking to some Afrikaans guy who was half-cut. He was well-intentioned, a little in the face but good fun. He started buying the drinks and never stopped. After some djembe off his mate Marchant, who played really well, then there was only the two of us left so I finished the last beer and departed.

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