Sixty five pesos by bus from San Rafael to Malargüe was cheap enough to be worth avoiding a twenty-block walk across town for with the luggage to a hitching point at a gas station I hadn´t got round to finding, but when I reached the terminal, the ten o´clock was booked out, so I waited three hours for another.



In Malargüe I found a hostel from the Get South guide. He wanted 150 pesos but settled for 130. It was nothing special and neither was the town, but the hostel guys were talking about a big fiesta later on. I couldn´t decide what to do about that or a ticket for the next day on a bus as far as Ranquil Norte, 180 km south near the provincial border, and I´d failed to notice they would only go as far as Bardas Blancas on a Sunday, just a third of the distance. I planned to take the bus early in the morning and start the long hitch south from there. In the end I bought the ticket and fell asleep at the hostel until after the others had already left to go out, so the dilemna over the fiesta was solved.











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