Sights and sounds of Bogota ..
As a packed Transmilenio rumbles by
On a loop to Portal Norte

Comida tipica on streetside stalls

Vendedores for DVD, recuerdos, llamadas

My boredom of home all way in the distance

Different world, different day, different place

Make for the downtown on Carrera Siete

The schools and the churches, trafico pesado

A cop stops the driver and hands him a ticket

He’ll pay trescientos pesos, a fortune nightmareish

Continue regardless con muchos pasajeros

We jump off soon later and flag down a taxi

Past Universidad de Los Andes with Armando inside

At the side of a mountain, where cablecars run

En veinte minutos to ten thousand feet

With views of metropolis, en paz en mi vida

To flowers and trees, monumental religion

All tastes in the sunshine y un cafecito

Our way on a breeze, the city below

Check on the real, way up near the clouds

No hold and no bar on the life of a town

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